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Amongst Trees – A Place To Heal

Milena A. Guziak
MChem (UK), PhDEng (Japan), MScPsy (UK)

Founder of Shinrin Yoku Association


Areas of Expertise & Duties:
– Shinrin Yoku Global Outreach
– Shinrin Yoku & Nature Connectedness Research
– Shinrin Yoku Practitioner & Shinrin Yoku Guide Instructor
– Nature Business Consultations
– Life Coaching (ICF, ACC)
– Academic Life Coaching (ACL)
– Yoga Instructor (Siddhi Yoga)
– Reiki Healer (Jikiden Linage)
Independent Publisher

As a child and adult, Milena A. Guziak, MChem (UK), PhDEng (Japan), MScPsy (UK), found solace in her imaginary forest. Whenever reality fell short, this mental haven offered comfort and peace, counteracting feelings of depression and anxiety. The seamless fusion of the physical and the mental, reality and imagination, became Milena’s antidote to life’s challenges. These twin sanctuaries of forest and mind were not only restorative but also life-sustaining, gifting her direction, purpose, and a deep-seated love for the forest. This intimate bond with nature nurtured her passion for forest conservation, leading to the birth of the Forest Healing Sphere.

In Milena’s words, “Forest means life, and life means forest.” Her journey led her from the borders of her native Poland to England, and finally, to Japan, where she resided for a decade. An initial internship in Japan turned into a transformative experience, propelling her to return for a doctorate in engineering and applied physics after earning her master’s degree in chemistry in the UK.

As an educator in Japan, Milena championed a reflective, student-centered approach while uncovering the enchanting mysteries of the Japanese forests. It was amidst the trees that she discovered her true self and her calling – to guide others on a journey of self-discovery and healing through forest bathing, or Shinrin Yoku.

Milena’s faith in human goodness, strong connection with nature, and scientific and educational background converged into a passion for creating comprehensive Shinrin-Yoku Guide training. Her master’s research in psychology, focusing on the role of nature in regulating emotions, gave her work an added layer of depth. She continues to contribute to academia with an upcoming publication and collaborations with Prof. David Sheffield of Derby University and Polish State Forests.

With more than 100 Forest Bathing Guides trained under her wing and a Quality Management System Certificate (ISO 9001:2015) for her training services, Milena’s impact is impressive. However, she does not stop at training. As the Founder of SYA, the Owner and Founder of The Mindful Tourist – 森の心・人の心 – Journey Through Life With the Wisdom of the Forest. and the  founder of Shinrin Yoku Association, Milena plays a significant role in promoting nature-based practices.

Her tenure in Japan, her dedication to accessibility, and her belief in the healing powers of forests and humans’ self-healing capabilities underpin her work. As the Chief Editor of the Shinrin Yoku Journal, she continues to share her insights with the world.


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Amongst Trees – A Place To Heal

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